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Nerium Complete Review: Scam Or Opportunity? No scam here folks! Actually, the corporation keeps growing by leaps and bounds. Within their 1st year running a business they generated over $100 Million in product sales. Twenty-two months, they may be about the up or more. Both in integrity as well as in sales!Nerium reviews

Product Review:

Nerium skin care products are put together by Texas based Nerium Biotechnology, an international research and development company committed to offering solutions which can be based on core science.
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Nerium's anti aging natual skin care line features natural plant extracts. The primary ingredient in NeriumAD Night Cream is NAE-8, a recently patented extract created from Nerium oleander, and all sorts of negative hype is a result of the fact that this plant in its natural state is poisonous. The good areas of the flower are being extracted there are not any poisons in Nerium's products. With that being said, the product is protected, user friendly and produces impressive anti-aging results.

I have included the total clinical reviews here: Overview ST&T Research: Research for product safety and clinical application is supplied for by ST&T Research (Science, Toxicology & Technology). ST&T Scientific studies are made up of a group of prominent scientist, including M.D. and Ph.D. pharmacologists/toxicologist and research product development oriented physicians, scientist, and regulatory compliance specialists such as a legal team specializing in US FDA/FTC/Customs regulations. ST&T Research provides product development, product compliance, regulatory compliance, clinical testing, and information information for safety and efficacy. Dr. Robert A. Newman who serves as a scientific advisor to Nerium SkinCare ™ assisted by giving safety data from previous studies, experience from the FDA trial in the University of Texas M. D. Anderson Cancer Center, as well as the analytical analysis for the resolution of oleandrin (CG) in blood plasma. ST&T Research initiated human studies on various skin conditions (1. age/liver spots, actinic keratosis (2. acne vulgaris (3. sunburn (4. fever blisters / fever blisters. The Nerium test article application was applied being a spot treatment, then larger regions of skin application with every new clinical study. Two (2) of these clinical tests (acne, sunburn) included comparison to well-known OTC products available today to consumers. Each study's primary end-point would have been to assess the Nerium test articles for safety/toxicity, a) See whether the Nerium oleander CG metabolites happen to be absorbed with the skin, b) If that's the case, how much, c) If there was clearly any noticeable blood pressure or heartrate changes, and d) If there was alterations in blood chemistry or organ system functions. Additionally, subjects were observed for inflammation, rash, or tenderness possibly linked to the cream application. ST&T utilized blood chemistry and CBC analysis whereby an assessment was made with the participant's baseline results with measurements taken throughout the study. For example, participant liquid blood samples were taken on the beginning (1) (one hour after cream application), day seven (7), day fifteen (15), and also on day thirty (30) of product use to test for oleandrin (CG) absorption and accumulation inside the blood. Analysis was non-eventful. The blood analysis showed all subjects within normal ranges, there was no detectable CG's in the blood with no adverse reactions noted. The cardiac glycosides within Nerium oleander extracts were NOT ABLE to go into the skin at detectable levels inside the blood. Pertaining to efficacy, ST&T was surprised to find there have been a statistically significant number of subjects reporting positive results because the Nerium SkinCare ™ test article contained no "additives" such as the OTC products.

I am a firm advocate of "seeing is believing" and "show me". You will find tons of before and after photos on Nerium's website as well as on YouTube which are truly exceptional. These pictures show numerous customers with dramatic results solely by using NeriumAD Night Cream. These photos are reported by Nerium as untouched and are all submitted by the product users. However, results appear to vary as a result of different facets including skin type, age of user, or proper use of product. Other clinical data reported up to 67% improvement in wrinkles, texture, and hyper pigmentation.

I am truly excited to offer this review as Nerium International is "on fire" with their skin care products on the market today. We have also just learned that they are offering a promotion today on their own newly released day cream which is free for a lifetime following your first Three months of auto-ship combined with NeriumAD Night Cream. That hardly appears like useless, folks. I do not feel this business would offer this kind of promotion if they weren't so certain about their product and constant with their customers.

Nerium currently markets and distributes the NeriumAD Age-defying Night Cream as well as their Day Cream was only launched last month. However, it intends on launching the following products in the near future: NeriumAD Eye Cream NeriumAD Age-Spot Cream, NeriumDerm Skin Repair Cream, NeriumDerm Blemish Cream, NeriumDerm Moisturizing Lotion, NeriumDerm Contouring Lotion, NeriumDerm Burn Ointment, NeriumDerm After-Sunburn Skin Lotion, NeriumDerm Radiation Burn Cream and NeriumCS Lip Serum. NeriumAD Age-defying Night Cream contains plant extracts in a manner that preserves the properties of Natural aloe-vera to extract the unique Nerium oleander plant components without additional solvents. The product has been made to target wrinkles, discoloration, uneven skin texture, enlarged pores, and aging.

Cost: The merchandise should be purchased directly through Nerium Brand Partners rather than online through other sources as this apparently voids the Nerium 30-day money back guarantee. The business offers a substantial discount to Preferred Customers who will allow Nerium to create their product via auto-ship at $80. Customers may want to give the regular price of $110 if they do not desire the auto-ship feature. Nerium now offers exceptional customer service, great packaging and ships within 3-5 days of ordering.

Ingredients: NAE-8™ Proprietary Blend (Aloe Barbadensis Leaf, Nerium Oleander Leaf Extract), Aloe Barbadensis Leaf, Proprietary Protein (Collagen, Elastin, Glycosaminoglycans), Oryza Sativa Bran Oil, Stearic Acid, Cetearyl Glucoside and Cetearyl Alcohol, Glycerin, C14-22 Alcohol and C12-20 Alkyl Glucoside, Glyceryl Stearate, Ricinus Communis Seed Oil, Cetyl Alcohol, Olus Oil, Chondrus Crispus Powder, Sodium Borate, Dicaprylyl Ether, Hydrolyzed Quinoa, Sodium, Isostearoyl Lactylate, Dimethicone, Sodium PCA, Proprietary Blend (Caprylyl Glycol, Glycerin, Glyceryl Caprylate, Phenylpropanol), Parfum, Sodium Hydroxymethylglycinate, Tocopherol

Opportunity Review: You can find 3 entry options to pick from at relatively low start up costs. $100, $500, $1000. How rapid you want to move up within the company will determine your start up cost since they work on a point system or "PQV". Brand Partners must be on monthly auto-ship for the NeriumAD Night Cream to remain in the program.


1. Sell a Success Pack (start up) to a new Brand Partner to earn bonuses.

2. Earn Success Pack Differential Bonuses for each Success Pack sold by your team.

3. Earn Customer Acquisition Bonuses for brand new Preferred Customers' orders.

4. Earn Overrides on new Preferred Customer sales produced by your team

5. Leadership Bonus Commissions.

6. Team Commissions (residual income depending on team's volume)

7. 10% Coaching Commissions on personally sponsored Brand Partners earnings.

8. Earn Bonus leg commissions.

9. Have 3 Preferred Customers and auto ship costs nothing.

10. For every Preferred Customer that stays on auto ship for just two months, Nerium ships you a bottle of the Night Cream at the expense of shipping. You will find the option to subscriber or out for this. These extra bottles might be sold at retail $110 or used as samples.

11. "Live Better" bonuses beginning from $25,000 entirely up to $1 Million.

12. Incentives for a free Lexus along with a free I-pad.

Additionally, both customers and Brand Partners should take "before" and "after" pictures to show progress as well as are invited to take a 90-day challenge by submitting these photos for an opportunity to win a free vacation. It is stated when a Brand Partner's customer wins a free vacation, the company Partner does also.